La Dolce Vita


Santa Margherita Ligure

It’s fieldwork time again! After a few short weeks in Belfast preparing kit, I am now back in Italy ready to deploy the new sunfish data-logging belts. The town of Santa Margherita Ligure is a hot and busy port town but luckily we have access to the fast boats of the Marine Protected Area Authorities and it is a 30 minute zip around the Portofino Peninsula to the fishing grounds where we hope to find plenty of sunfish!

I am starting my work with the help and support of an amazing field team made of my supervisor Dr Jon Houghton, Valentina Cappanera from the PMPA, Dr Isabella D’Ambra and Dr Nicholas Payne (all of whom are ridiculously over qualified for this work and so their time is incredibly appreciated!) So fingers crossed, the fish will behave themselves and we have a great field season in the making!

2 3

My supervisor Jon and I (left) Isabella and Giorgio (the policeman of the PMPA) (right)


Here’s  to the field season!


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