Blogs, bad excuses & a brand new website

It’s been a long time since I last posted, finishing up my PhD was time consuming and stressful, so the blog went out of the window (along with a lot of other things!) and to be honest, the longer I left the blog, the harder it was to go back… but having said all of that, I am now in a good place to finish the sunfish story!

I am happy to report that I completed my PhD on ocean sunfish ecology in 2018 (wow, yes that long ago already!) and since then I have been working on marine research projects across an amazing range of fishes including bluefin tuna, basking sharks and flapper skate. Alongside my research I love exploring new stories in ecology and conservation, and so I am now working more in science outreach.

My husband and I recently set up a small documentary film company called Swimming Head Productions (guess where the name inspo came from :p) where we aim to showcase exciting new research projects, alongside other creative content and documentary films! I’m still working on ocean sunfish research (right now I’m part of the team working to update their IUCN RedList profile and looking at new sunfish behaviours) alongside producing new science outreach films. If you’ve got any further questions on sunfishes or if you’d like to check out our new films (including a few sunfish features!), head over to our brand new website:, follow us on twitter @Swimming_Head or ping me a message at  

New website! Check it out:!

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